Current Poetry Projects (& future plans)

Current Poetry Project(s) Spring 2020

  • I’m working on developing and implementing a general Poetry Project connected to concepts around voting, citizenship, the census, etc.
  • In connection with a general Poetry Project on the Vote, I’m also working on an LCC Community-generated Poetry Project/Black History Awareness Committee collaboration on the Black History Awareness 2020 Theme of African Americans and the Vote. I am a part of the Black History Awareness (BHA) Committee and was in contact with committee members throughout my sabbatical about ideas for a 2020 project together. I attended a meeting late Fall 2019 to share my proposal for a Spring 2020 Poetry Project.  I’m currently working with the committee on that project to both continue to design it and begin to implement it.  I’ll be attending all the Black History Awareness events throughout the semester gathering raw material from participants.

Future Poetry Project Ideas

  • I’m in discussions with other groups and programs concerning other possible Poetry Projects for Spring or Fall 2020. These incude: MAHE, the History Program, my own IE dept., and the Library
  • After communications with former One Book committee chair Mindy Barbarskis, I plan to maintain connection to the One Book planning committee in order to collaborate on future projects similar to the Spring 2018 One Book project and Wrap-Up session with The Hate U Give
  • When I met with Director of Assessment Karen Hicks to discuss assessing the Poetry Project, we also starting brainstorming ideas for using it in collaboration with CASL and the CDS regarding assessing general education and connections to the Essential Learning Outcomes re: Critical thinking and Creativity.
  • I always keep a running list of rough ideas for future Poetry Projects…I can’t seem to stop thinking of possible Poetry Projects at LCC! Many of these include ideas stemming from sessions I attended at the 2019 Imagining America Conference.


Other examples of community-generated poetry

Links to other examples community-generated poetry and poetry projects: