Spring 2020: The Vote and Your Voice Poetry Project


SPRING 2020 ENGL 201 Poetry Project Poems: The Vote and Your Voice

ENGL 201 students contributed lines to the 15th, 19th and Youth Discussion boards after reading/highlighting the responses/raw material from hundreds of LCC students responding to the prompts in their own classes. I took the rough lines written by my 201 students, and wove together poems for each of the groups. Then I shared the rough poems and got their feedback for final revisions…which made me an author with the students 🙂  Here are the final poems – truly a work of community-generation.


Voting is…

Voting is a responsibility.

I have a say in who I am.

I’m here. I’m gonna tell you about me.

It is hard to vote, even when you know how

you want things changed in your world.


Voting is in everyone’s capability.

I have a say in our world.

It’s easy to know what you want but hard to know if you’ll end up with it.

Voting is difficult if you’re doing it right.

Anyone can vote for anyone


Voting is for the good of the Nation

I have a say in my vote.

I don’t believe most politicians; a pop rally sounds good at first

but there’s no message behind it.

I can vote and make a change.


Voting demands your participation.

I have a say in who we will be led by.

I have a voice and a right to use it,

to choose someone who might inevitably be corrupted

(gaining power is never good).


Do you remember that time not so long ago?

There was a time where only a select few could vote,

but things have changed.

We get the opportunity to decide

what our future will be like.


I have the right to make a change.

US citizens can make a change.

I have a say, a right to be represented, to be acknowledged.

I am not a number. Equality.  Every vote is valuable…?

I can voice my opinion.


Do you remember a time not so long ago?

The rich, elite, the white man controlled who voted,

but that is a time long past.

I am a part of that big decision.



We can all vote now, but there was a time…

Do you remember that time not so long ago?

Voting is important for our nation.

If I can vote, I will vote

Voting is…


by Christian Heuhs, Brenden Hutchins, Juliette Lanz, Celeste Montalvo, Andrew Schneider, Quinn Sheppard, Cameron Vann, and Barb Clauer (written in response to prompts re: the 15th Amendment)

Vote Or the Enemy Rises – Lines on the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment (Women’s Suffrage)

100 years ago, we made a difference.

Do you remember the struggle, the fight, the triumph?

Voting today is the way it should have been.

Women deserve an opinion.

Voting isn’t a privilege; voting is a right,

your voice is heard.


I want to try and make a difference,

to be the voice of the empowered republic.

I wish I could turn off biases

so that this vote will truly be mine.


Voters overcome the evolving resistance

and are no longer bystanders, but participants.

The rights that women achieved help all people.

Voting gives equal opportunities.


When I vote, my vote becomes a sword

and then it puts the elite on edge.

My vote becomes a speck of dust and then,

with all the other votes, a sandstorm.

My vote becomes a bird and then it flocks.

It has power and is servant to the people


Voting is a part of something bigger

When representation expands, we all succeed.

Stand for what you believe in before

you must stand behind something you don’t.

100 years ago is the blink of an eye.

Vote or the enemy rises.


by Kayla Hall, Brooke Hill, Andrew Schneider, Quinn Sheppard, and Barb Clauer (written in response to prompts re: the 19th Amendment)

the future in our hands

voting is like…

um I don’t know

it affects my future

and something needs to change

why take the voice I have for granted?


there is no such thing as a wasted vote

today’s world is filled with the people of tomorrow

every citizen counts, voting is our right

but if voting makes such a difference

why do we feel that it doesn’t?


the world has and will continue to evolve and change

but if voting makes such a difference

then every citizen counts; it is their right

there is no such thing as a wasted vote,

but why do we feel that there is?


voting is like…

adding an ingredient to a soup

or a grain of rice, tipping a scale

deciding the degree of hell that we live in

hopefully I’ll make a change.


by Juliette Lanz, Sam McQuaid, Andrew Schneider, Quinn Sheppard, and Barb Clauer (written in response to prompts re: youth/first time voters)

These poems were included in the Fall 2020 Black History Awareness Event of the same name: The Vote and Your Voice.  Link to event video

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